Life's Mix

Life's Mix

I stare down
Looking at the hustle and bustle
City lift brings
The constant rumblings and honks
We often ask
How can we seek peace in this pandemonium
We can only answer

God and men

God brings salvation in our lives
Healing us spiritually
Giving us the will to live
on the Spirit of Love

Men brings companionship in life
To satiate the thirst of human desires
The wants of Earthly desires
To minister to one another

Put both together
We rise as human beings

Rory Ong 051510

I got this as I was staring downwards to the traffic below from the monorail station at Time Square. It was a warm and noisy Saturday afternoon in Kuala Lumpur. I was there waiting for my friend to arrive. It's one of those days where we meet up. Yeah... We hardly meet up even though we are from the same church.

Anyway, this is just my reflection on how people can live in this pandemonium that is called LIFE. You need a good, healthy dose of both God and Man to balance things or it might just run out of context. I doubt you want things to run out of context, no?

My Dance of Life

My Dance of Life

Silently adoring the silver moon with it's gentle gleam
Courted by the many twinkling stars that makes up the night sky
I look at own reflection on the gentle lake
A person with so many flaws in life
A person who has done so many mistakes in life
A person who regrets some actions in life
That is what that made me who I am
That made me a stronger person to face life's dance
Judge me not my flaws and errs
As humans, we are weak and imperfect
As humans, we seek the unachievable
As humans, we desire for more
Imperfection creates a gem of pure heart
Seeking the unachievable and desiring more makes us strive harder
In this dance of life

Rory Ong 042210

This is something I put together when I was reflecting about my life. I am not a perfect person but simply a normal human being who faces life's trials and tribulations all the time. There are ups and downs but I still try to persevere and learn from the mistakes I have done.

Sometimes it's not the matters of life that brings me down but my own people. Human beings who judges people from the outside and not the inside. We all can quote, "Don't judge a book by it's cover" till the time the cows jump over the moon but it will never end at all.

Poem of the Heart

Heart-felt Thoughts for You

Listening to the gentle strains of the piano
I am in my own world now

Carried by the music
of the playing cellist
I flow like a gossamer ribbon
in the air
Gliding in a wraith-like motion

As the
gentle and serene swan
Glides gracefully on the lake of mirror

That reflects my heart's desire

To touch you close to my heart

To hold you close to my heart

To heal your innermost pain

To gently bring you out of your solitude

~Rory Ong 150310~

Wrote this while listening to "Love Story meets Viva la Vida" by Jon Schmitz. It is a beautiful arrangement and I would say it means so much without even having a single lyric in it (my version, that is)

Image Source: Internet

Tell me Your plans, God

I hate to admit this but I think I will take a step of faith to say out what that is in my heart. I admit I am daring enough to tell guys how I feel towards them however, sometimes, I do it in stupidity. I get into trouble a lot because of that. Those who I have got into trouble with, I hope you do not judge me because of that. I never had any malice in me. If you sense any, I would like to apologize now.

Recently, I have come to realized that I fall for people very easily. Is that good or bad, I do not know but Time, it will give me the answer I seek. I think the crux of the problem for me is because what I seek in a person is not really the looks but the beauty of their hearts, like how one keeps falling in love again with Jesus because of His goodness that we are saved. I’m trying to follow God’s way that is not to judge a person but to know the heart of the person. There are times I am wrong, there are times I am right.

I did confess not too long ago to a friend of mine in church. Why I did it? I just wanted to let it out and also I don’t want to be false to him in my friendship with him. He is simple and quiet in his life. A very sweet person yet wise beyond his years. He is a loner sometimes but so full of love for the person who he opens up to. He is a person, one would say, close to God’s heart. However, we are meant to be brother and sister in Christ. I would think this is what God told me in a dream. Inside there, I saw my parents, myself and Him playing badminton together. My parents hardly play badminton now but in their youth, they used to. I believe, in that dream; God told me His plans for us. In obedience to Him, I will follow God’s will and not mind.

Soon enough, I came to realize my feelings towards another person in my life. Someone who had touched my heart back in 2009, yes, I know… I am someone who melts easily with the goodness of peoples’ heart. It’s not healthy but hey, that is how I am built. It might be a simple gesture to the person but it meant a lot to me. This time, I don’t know if I want to tell the person or not. Changes are happening to the both of us and he might be leaving soon for another land. It is tearing me but I will believe something good will happen to him as he journeys on.

We are not placed where we are without a purpose. He guides us in our walks today and continues to walk with us till the day we are to face Him. I want to hold on to that. I pray that God will show me a sign soon. What is His plan for us now and the future? The only thing I can do now is to just keep praying for a sign.

Perkasa: Chinese will take over in the next election

The Malay nationalist group, Perkasa issued a warning that the Chinese community will use the coming GE to take over the country because they feel the last GE has weakened the Malays and instead empowered the Chinese community. According to the director of Perkasa's economic bureau, Dr Zubir Harun who was at the Malay Consultative Council's (MPM) round table discussion claims that a divided Malay community will empower the other races. He even added that the Malays have sacrificed in allowing immigrants to live in Malaysia. He is totally against the non Malays and liberal Malays for wanting to rewrite the country's Constitution and social contract.

- summerized from the article from theMalaysianInsider -

Why isn't he being arrested for his remarks? Okay lets put it this way...

What are the supporting documents he has to say that the Malays have been weakened and the Chinese community are being empowered?? He has to have the proof to be able to claim this. Can he share with us the proof? I think we would like to see his supporting documents.

History has proven that the Malays are also immigrants to this land. Yes, they have been living in Southeast Asia in the Malay Archipelago but the Malays are mainly seafarers and they used to travel from one island to another. (source: When we ponder about it, does it give Dr Zubir any right to call those who are non-Malays as immigrants when the Malays themselves are immigrants themselves.

According to Rusaslina Idrus, who is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore, 76.9 per cent of the Orang Asli (the REAL inhabitants of Malaysia) remains below the poverty line even though the national poverty rate of Malaysia has declined over the years to 6.5 per cent. She added that data taken from the Department of Statistics shows 35.2 per cent, which is more than one third of the Orang Asli population, are classified as hardcore poor compared to the 1.4 per cent nationally. What happened to the special rights that they were entitled to as promised in the Federal Constitution Article 153 that protects the rights of the "bumiputera" one might ask. Aren't they to be considered as "bumiputera"? Unfortunately for a person to be recognized as a "bumiputera" in the Peninsular according to the Ministry of Higher Education:-

"If one of the parents is Muslim Malay as stated in Article 160 (2) Federal Constitution of Malaysia; thus the child is considered as a Bumiputra"

Dr Zubir said by the Malays weakening, the Chinese community are being empowered and will probably be taking over the next GE. I would say why not? We've been under the rulings of the Malays for the past 53 years as of 2010. Why not a non-Malay Prime Minister? I am questioning this because we need a good check and balance in this country. Currently we have seen 4 past Prime Ministers who are Malays and so is the 5th Prime Minister. Why can't we have a non-Malay there in the seat of power? For the sake of argument also in memorance of the International Women's Day , why not a woman? Take India who had Indira Gandhi as the Prime Minister. (in office from 1966-1984)

Let this be food for thought in building Malaysia into a better nation without any prejudices and being a truly united Malaysia. We are still not too late to rectify the mistakes of the past so, let's not dwell on the past but focus on the future to come.

Poem of Peace

The silent moon shines gently to the silent lake
Soothing whisper of the night breeze entices the senses to rest
I'm walking now in my path of peace
With hope to meet you there
Together we shall walk this peaceful path forever more to eternity
Bind by the love and peace we share together
Treading slowly along the peaceful path amongst different routes
Our path brings us closer together
Finally meeting together and joined
We walk hand in hand towards life's path
Amongst the gentle moon and twinkling stars
By the silent and calm lake of the galaxy
We learn to accept each other in the garments and ornaments
That we have clothe ourselves along the path we walked
Understanding brings together two lonely hearts
With vines of love, care and acceptance
Tightly encircling and binding them together
Embraced in the warmth of love

This is my own poem so, keep your hands away from it. You want to use it, please ask. Please feel free to tell me what you think about it. Criticism are most welcome.



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